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If you're looking for ultra-high performance LED strips that work with almost any development platform, then stop looking as the adafruit DotStar digital RGB LED strips are now available from Tronixlabs Australia:


DotStar LEDs use generic 2-wire SPI, so you can push data much faster than with the NeoPixel 800 KHz protocol and there's no specific timing required. They also have much higher PWM refresh rates, so  you can do Persistence-of-Vision (POV) and have less flickering, particularly at low brightness levels. And as the SPI clock and data signals are separated, you can use any microcontroller and SPI bus speed. 

You can use DotStar digital RGB LED strips with any microcontroller that has hardware or software SPI bus. They operate on 5V DC and there's some great tutorials to get you started, Check out each product page below for more information, or email support@tronixlabs.com with any enquiries.