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Australia 2G GSM Mobile Network Closures

The original 2G GSM networks have had a good run in Australia, since testing and launch in 1992 we've all enjoyed better call quality and increasing levels of data. However now that UMTS 3G and LTE have become prevalent, the networks are needing to reuse the bandwidth currently occupied by GSM for the newer standards. Which means that in the near future the level of 2G coverage will drop until it is finally removed from service. 


What does this mean for you? 

Once your carrier's 2G network is shut off, you won't be able to use your GSM shield for Arduino, GSM module or that classic Nokia phone from 1993. 

Where are the 3G towers located?

You can search for your nearest 3G tower using this website

When will I lose service?

Each network has announced different timelines for their GSM shutdown:

What can I do to keep my project working?

Get yourself a 3G Shield for Arduino or 3G module. We have models to suit the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks

I'm not in Australia - help!

Contact your cellular provider for more information. 

Any questions?

Please ask in the customer support forum or email support@tronixlabs.com.