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We love the Raspberry Pi for its small form factor, its low power consumption and its flexibility. However, unfortunately the onboard sound output is not designed for high fidelity sound. HiFiBerry sound boards from Tronixlabs Australia add high-quality sound to your Raspberry Pi.

These sound cards are designed for optimal sound output quality. It is the ideal solution for all Raspberry Pi users that love music. Our range of HiFiberry boards are compatible with the newer A+, B+ and 2 Model B Raspberry Pi boards. 


The HiFiBerry products are already assembled and do not need soldering on the HiFiBerry board. On the new Raspberry Pi model A+ and B+ and 2B, you just plug the HiFiBerry board onto the Raspberry Pi. All necessary material is included. If you have any questions please contact us or ask in the Tronixlabs customer support forum

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