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Monolithic 50V

Welcome to our range of Monolithic Capacitors.

Features include:

  • High capacitance for their size
  • Resin-encapsualted package
  • 5mm pitch
  • Bulk amounts supplied on bandolier tape
  • Tolerance:
    • R2900A~R2910A +/- 10%
    • R2915A~R2930A +/- 20%
    • R2935A~R2964 +80/-20%

The fastest way to find the value you need is to enter the value into the search box at the top-right of our store. All values are in in micro Farads (uF). For example, search for "monolithic 3.3" for a 3.3 uF monolithic capacitor. All matching values will be listed in the results. 

If you cannot find what you need - click here for the entire range - or contact us. We can also source almost any capacitor type not listed, just ask!