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Build a portable game station with the Adafruit 128x64 OLED Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

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Once again Tronixlabs is the first with the latest Adafruit, with the newest addition being the Adafruit 128x64 OLED Bonnet for Raspberry Pi. This is a neat board that sits on your Pi Zero or other board with 40-pin GPIO and offers a compact OLED display along with a five-way joystick and two buttons:

Adafruit 128x64 OLED Bonnet for Raspberry Pi from Tronixlabs Australia

Of course you can use this for more serious applications, such as a small user interface or data display unit. The OLED cannot operate as a primary display (bit hard running desktop on that) however would have a multitude of uses. 

And if you want one, there's no need to wait as we have local stock at the time of writing. So click here to learn more and order yours now! And as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5.

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