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Build an incredibly thin wall-mounted media server

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A Raspberry Pi single-board computer makes a great base for an inexpensive media server, however finding the right place to mount it for easy access can be a challenge. However this has been solved by enthusiast Colin Riley with an interesting solution. 

Colin used a neat enclosure which was originally the housing for a thermostat control, and found mounting the hardware inside somewhat of a challenge - considering the need for a touch TFT display, WiFi and cabling. The solution was to dissect the Pi board - including removing the RCA, audio, HDMI and SD card sockets. The HDMI cable was dissected and the wires soldered directly to the board, and the same for the SD card. 

However the results of the surgery resulted in a Raspberry Pi/TFT combination that is only 10.5mm thin - a great result. Now the users have a convenient media centre control or computer within easy reach:

If you're looking to make your own media server, the Raspberry Pi makes a great platform and we can recommend the following parts to get started:

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