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Conductive thread now available in 250 metre rolls

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Are you a wearable electronics enthusiast and use lots of conductive thread? Or you're teaching and want to save money? Or you just want to remember how to get back from where you started and breadcrumbs aren't up to the job? Then order our new 250 metre rolls of conductive thread:

Conductive Thread - 250m from Tronixlabs Australia

We think it is among the best conductive thread available. It is perfect for hand sewing and can also be used on the bottom bobbin of a sewing machine (this will require the thread to be wound on to the smaller bottom bobbin first). Coated with a micon layer of real silver, so it's easy to thread - and has a resistance of around 40 Ohms per metre.

For more information, data - and to order - click here to visit the product page. Or check out our entire range of conductive materials.

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