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Create beautiful compact displays with your Adafruit FEATHER and the new DotStar FeatherWing

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The Adafruit FEATHER series is a  wide range of Arduino-compatible boards to suit almost any application, and a range of display FeatherWings complement the boards nicely. And we're proud to have the latest display available now - the new Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing - containing 6 x 12 RGB LEDs:

Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing - 6 x 12 RGB LEDs from Tronixlabs Australia

An example is shown above with a matching FEATHER board, and you can see that the 72 RGB LEDs can be used for creative displays of text, graphics or data in many forms. 

In the following video the Adafruit team give us a rundown of the new FeatherWing:

Getting started is easy thanks to the awesome tutorial and library from Adafruit - so to get started visit the DotStar FeatherWing page now.

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