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Create magical displays with the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT HD for Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B

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Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the latest Pimoroni Unicorn HAT HD for your Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B. This amazing output device has a matrix of 256 tiny RGB LEDs, which work together to create all sorts of colourful and fun displays:

Pimoroni Unicorn HAT HD for Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B from Tronixlabs Australia

The bundled ninja diffuser makes the pixels look extra-shiny by providing some subtle diffusion, blurring the lines between each pixel. Simply use four of the nuts to space the diffuser slightly away from the HAT, and the other four to secure it. The folks from Pimoroni give us a demonstration in the following video:

Using the display is easy thanks to Pimoroni's python library and many examples are provided. Due to the high current draw of this HAT you will need a high-current power >2A supply such as the official power pack

And you don't need to wait - at the time of writing we have plenty of stock! So to learn more and order, please visit the product page. And as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5

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