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Create simple interface for your Raspberry PI with the new Pimoroni Touch pHAT

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Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new Pimoroni Touch pHAT for Raspberry Pi - an interesting board that easily gives you six buttons for your Raspberry Pi 3/2 model B or Zero:

Pimoroni Touch pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero/3/2

Around the Touch pHAT is six capacitive touch buttons, each with a bright white LED, designed to be completely agnostic about what they're used for. You can even use a dry erase pen to write on the pads to label their function. This would be ideal for media centre controls or other situations where you just want a few controls.

A 2x20 inline header socket is included with the pHAT but not soldered to the board. To lean more and order, please click here to visit the Touch pHAT product page

And as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5. Don't forget to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook, Google+ or twitter.