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Easily power and control eight servos with the new Cytron Servo Shield 5A for Arduino

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You can create all sorts of animated fun with an Arduino and a few servos, from a dashboard through to an eight-legged robotic creature and more. However controlling those servos can be a little tricky... including wiring them back to he host board. And if you have servo-jitter - your power supply isn't up to scratch:

Cytron Servo Shield 5A for Arduino from Tronixlabs Australia

To solve all those problems and make controlling up to eight servos with your Arduino as easy as possible, we now have the Cytron Servo Shield - a wonderful host board that not only allows servo control via serial commands, it also has an onboard power supply capable of offering 5V at up to 5A from 7~25V DC.

Your servos are directly connected to the shield via the eight rows of header pins aligned for standard servo female connectors. 

So once again we say "Problem solved!" - to learn more and order - visit the Cytron Servo Shield page now.

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