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Have fun with our new Mini Spy Camera with Trigger for Photo or Video

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If you're looking for a dead-simple way to capture images or short videos in your project, then our new mini spy camera may be the solution. This is a tiny camera and controller board that offers image capture at 1280×720 resolution and AVI videos in 640 x 480 resolution:

Mini Spy Camera with Trigger for Photo or Video from Tronixlabs Australia

The results are saved to an optional microSD card (up to 32GB supported), and the camera is easy to set up - just connect 5V and GND, and short the trigger wire to GND to capture an image or start/stop video recording. 

Great for your own "spy" projects or making a camera that can be controlled via almost any microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. To learn more and order - click here to visit the product page

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