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Have fun with the new Velleman Crawling Microbug Kit

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Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is a neat robot kit you can assemble quickly and enjoy for hours - the Velleman Crawling Microbug Kit. Not only is the end result fun, it also offers an opportunity for practising your soldering:

Velleman Crawling Microbug Kit from Tronixlabs Australia

Once assembled, the bug will move towards a source of light, so it can follow a torch or travel from a dark room to a light one. All parts are included except for 2 x AAA cells for power. 

For more information and to order, please visit the motor board product page. And as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5. Finally, to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook, Google+ or twitter.