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NEW PRODUCT - Raspberry Pi CaseHAT Prototyping Board

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Finally - a Raspberry Pi prototyping HAT that fits inside the official Raspberry Pi enclosure! Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the Raspberry Pi CaseHAT Prototyping Board series - neat HATs that are ideal for adding your own circuitry

We have two versions available, one that is populated with through-hole pads:

Raspberry Pi CaseHAT Prototyping Board from Tronixlabs Australia

... and another with an area that allows for a SOIC surface-mount IC of up to 28 pins:

Raspberry Pi CaseHAT SOIC28 Prototyping Board

Note that the HATs do not include the official enclosure, however they do include a 40-way header that isn't soldered to the HAT. 

However they're great value - $11 each including GST. So for more information and to order, click the HAT you like above. And as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5.

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