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Play Simon with the new Simon:Says board for the BBC micro:bit

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We love the new BBC micro:bit, as we feel it the best way to get people from any age group into the world of coding and electronics. And the fun doesn't just stop with the micro:bit itself - as there are plenty of fun additions, the latest being the new Simon:Says board:

Simon:Says for micro:bit from Tronixlabs Australia

Using the Simon:Says board, the user can be encourage to create their own code for the game - or even go the extra mile and create a two player version using the micro:bit's internal wireless capability to communicate with other micro:bits. Awesome!

To learn more and order, please visit the product page. And as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5. Don't forget to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook, Google+ or twitter.