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Portable Project Power with our wide range 3.7V of LiPo batteries and accessories

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Have you created the next big thing - and need to make it portable? Or you've seen all those awesome tutorials on the web for portable projects - and needed a few LiPo batteries? You've looked around and can't find the right size from the usual suspects ... so what now? 

Tronixlabs Australia has you covered  - we have the entire range of 3.7V LiPo batteries from Adafruit in stock and ready to ship. From 100 mAh to 6600 mAh - they're all here, with good stock levels - and supply constantly arriving from the USA. 

Adafruit 3.7V LiPo batteries from Tronixlabs Australia

Furthermore we have all the charging modules, JST extensionswitch cables and more to enable safe LiPo charging and operation. 

Finally - if you need a 5V UPS solution for your project or anything powered by 5V USB - check out our new Power Bank USB mains adaptor - it's an AC USB adaptor, power bank and charger all in one! 

They're all in stock now - and as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5. Don't forget to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook, Google+ or twitter.