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Professional Arduino projects made easy with the SparkFun RedBoard Edge

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Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the new SparkFun RedBoard Edge - a neat Arduino-compatible board that is designed for mounting behind the panel of an enclosure. 

SparkFun RedBoard Edge from Tronixlabs Australia

This new board format gives you an accelerated method of mounting your final Arduino-based project inside an enclosure - thanks to all the required contacts being along one edge of the board. These include micro USB, a power switch, DC socket, four LEDs and a reset button. 

Access ot the other GPIO is along the opposite side of the board, including extra power connectors and a terminal block for raw power in. This board may not be for everyone, but it saves a lot of time. (Or click here for an enclosure for your full-sizeed Arduino boards).

To learn more about the Sparkfun RedBoard Edge and to order, visit the product page. And to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook or twitter.