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NEW PRODUCTS - 32x32 and 32x16 RGB LED Matrix Displays

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If you want to build some large, bright and colourful displays then check out the new 32x16 and 32x32 RGB LED matrix boards from Tronixlabs Australia.

Each board can be used with popular development platforms to create interesting and fun displays. The consist of surface-mount RGB LEDs that are spaced with an 8mm pitch (the distance between the LEDs) and can be visible from quite a distance. 

This is the 32x32 board:

RGB Full Colour LED Matrix Panel 32 x 32 P8 from Tronixlabs Australia

... and this is the 32x16 board:

RGB Full Colour LED Matrix Panel 32 x 16 P8 from Tronixlabs Australia

Both boards include data and power cables along with magnetic mounting screws and a water-proof rubber seal ring. Furthermore, we offer a range of board and shield kits to allow use for an Arduino Uno, Mega, or 32-bit Adafruit Feather - which are linked from the display product page. 

To learn more about these fun displays and to order - visit the 32x16 or 32x32 product pages. And to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook or twitter.

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