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New Product - 250W DC-DC Boost Converter 8.5-48 to 10-50V 8A

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By popular demand we now have a DC-DC boost converter that's more powerful than our original unit - a new 250W DC-DC Boost Converter that can boost an input voltage of 8.5-48 V to 10-50V  at up to 8A of current:

250W DC-DC Boost Converter 8.5-48 to 10-50V 8A from Tronixlabs Australia

This is a convenient option if you need a high current DC converter with adjustable voltage and current with diode input protection. And you don't need to wait, we have these in stock now at the time of writing. 

So to get started - click here to learn more and order. Don't forget to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook, Google+ or twitter.

Easily control four DC motors with your Arduino using the new DFrobot Quad DC Motor Driver Shield

Want to make your own Arduino-powered 4WD, control four fans at once - or anything connected to up to four DC motors? Well now you can do this with ease using the new DFrobot Quad DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino, now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia: Based around two popular TB6612FNG motor driver chips, this shield is [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - DC Motor in Micro Servo Body

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new DC motor in a micro servo body from adafruit. This offers just that - there's a small geared DC motor house  inside the same type of enclosure that's normally used by a micro servo: This gives you a very easy way to mount a small DC motor to your [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Adafruit DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing Add-on For All Feather Boards

As always Tronixlabs Australia is first with the latest adafruit, and with this goal in mind we have their latest Adafruit Adafruit DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing Add-on For All Feather Boards. This neat little board gives your Adafruit Feather Arduino-compatible an easy way to control 2 x bipolar stepper motors or 4 x brushed DC motors [...]

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NEW PRODUCTS - USB to DC plug boost cables - 9 and 12V DC

Now in stock are some interesting and useful power boost cables from adafruit - they have a USB plug on one end and a 2.1mm DC plug on the other. That doesn't sound too exciting - but the magic is in the middle in the form of a DC boost converter: This means you can get either [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Allegro ACS758 50A AC DC Current Sensor Module

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the popular Allegro ACS758 Hall Effect-based linear current sensor mounted on a convenient breakout board that is  easy to mount and use with your projects: The Allegro ACS758 can measure AC or DC current up to 50A, and outputs an analogue voltage output signal that is proportional with the current flowing through [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - MBoard - Arduino Leonardo-compatible with L298P motor controller

We're always on the lookout for new Arduino-compatible boards that help save users money and space, and a new example of this is now in stock here at  Tronixlabs Australia - the Itead MBoard: The MBoard is an  Arduino Leonardo-compatible board that has an L298P DC motor controller - which gives you full control of two DC motors [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Breadboard-friendly loud DC buzzer

If you need your project to make some loud noise without any effort, then you'll love these new breadboard-friendly loud DC buzzers from Tronixlabs Australia: Simply power them with between 2 and 6 volts DC and you're set. These little suckers are incredibly loud and have a high frequency which will get your attention. Think smoke-detector loud.  These [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Adafruit TB6612 1.2A DC/Stepper Motor Driver Breakout Board

Need to control two DC motors, four solenoids or one bipolar or unipolar stepper motor from your Arduino or other microcontroller? Then the new Adafruit TB6612 1.2A DC/Stepper Motor Driver Breakout Board  from Tronixlabs Australia solves the problem: The TB6612 board can control motors with a voltage between 4.5 and 13.5V DC, and the control logic can fall between 2.7 [...]

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NEW PRODUCTS - Miniature DC Motors

Here at Tronixlabs Australia we're increasing our range of electric motors, and this now includes three new miniature DC motors that are ideal for experimenting, models or just having fun.  These are low-voltage motors with a high RPM at their nominal voltage. We have full specifications and drawings for each type, with the basics for the [...]

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