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Brighten up your projects with the DFrobot Character LCD with RGB Backlight Display

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The typical 16x2 character LCD is almost the default output device for many projects - they're inexpensive and pretty well everyone has learned how to use them. However after a while, they all start to look the same and somewhat boring. 

In order to liven these up, we now offer a 16x2 character LCD with an RGB backlight! 

DFrobot 16x2 Character LCD with RGB Backlight Display - I2C interface from Tronixlabs Australia

Awesome - now you can create all sorts of colours behind the display text. Great for emphasising certain output or just adding some fun to the display, for example:

DFrobot 16x2 Character LCD with RGB Backlight Display - I2C interface from Tronixlabs Australia

And to make things even better, the display has a two-wire I2C interface and Arduino library so you can save a lot of digital output pins. It's win-win. 

To learn more and order, please visit the display product page

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