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NEW PRODUCTS - 32x32 and 32x16 RGB LED Matrix Displays

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If you want to build some large, bright and colourful displays then check out the new 32x16 and 32x32 RGB LED matrix boards from Tronixlabs Australia.

Each board can be used with popular development platforms to create interesting and fun displays. The consist of surface-mount RGB LEDs that are spaced with an 8mm pitch (the distance between the LEDs) and can be visible from quite a distance. 

This is the 32x32 board:

RGB Full Colour LED Matrix Panel 32 x 32 P8 from Tronixlabs Australia

... and this is the 32x16 board:

RGB Full Colour LED Matrix Panel 32 x 16 P8 from Tronixlabs Australia

Both boards include data and power cables along with magnetic mounting screws and a water-proof rubber seal ring. Furthermore, we offer a range of board and shield kits to allow use for an Arduino Uno, Mega, or 32-bit Adafruit Feather - which are linked from the display product page. 

To learn more about these fun displays and to order - visit the 32x16 or 32x32 product pages. And to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook or twitter.

NEW PRODUCT - Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing Kit - For M0 and M4 Feathers

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing Kit - For M0 and M4 Feathers. Once assembled this FeatherWing allows for simple connection and control of our 32x32 RGB LED matrix displays to your project.This is the kind of display we are talking about:You can pick up a great value 32x32 RGB LED matrix from our store. To [...]

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Brighten up your projects with the DFrobot Character LCD with RGB Backlight Display

The typical 16x2 character LCD is almost the default output device for many projects - they're inexpensive and pretty well everyone has learned how to use them. However after a while, they all start to look the same and somewhat boring.  In order to liven these up, we now offer a 16x2 character LCD with an RGB [...]

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WS2812B Mini PCBs now available in bulk

Who doesn't love those WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs? They're easy to use with almost any platform, and you can create all sorts of colourful effects. We have them in packs of ten -  and they're very popular. And now thanks to customer demand, we are offering them in sheets of 100 units - at an even better [...]

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Now in stock - rugged metal buttons with RGB LED rings

If you're interested in adding some colourful flair to a user-interface, or just like buttons with LEDs in them ... you will love our  new range of rugged metal buttons with RGB LED rings.  Available as momentary and on/off action in either of 19 or 22mm diameter - they'll help you save space and create colourful effects [...]

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Add a world of colour to your Raspberry Pi with the Pimoroni Unicorn pHAT

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new Pimoroni Unicorn pHAT RGB LED Matrix - the easiest way to add a ton of colour to your Raspberry Pi Zero, A+, B+, 2 or 3 Model B. Consisting of 32 individually-addressable RGB LEDs, you can create all sorts of effects for data output or just for [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - WS2812B RGB LED Ring Cluster

Love those WS2812B digital RGB LEDs? Here at Tronixlabs Australia we do too - and now we stock them in these great value LED ring clusters: Each cluster consists of four rings: 1 x 8 LED ring 1 x 12 LED ring 1 x 16 LED ring 1 x 24 LED ring Each LED is an individually-addressable WS2812B RGB LED, and [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - WS2812B RGB LEDs in full reels of 1000

Love those WS2812B digital RGB LEDs? Here at Tronixlabs Australia we do too - along with a few of our customers who use them in locally-assembled products. So to meet the demand we now have WS2812B RGB LEDs in full reels of 1000 LEDs: Ideal for manufacturing, RGB LED enthusiasts - or form a group with your friends [...]

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NEW PRODUCTS - Adafruit NeoPixel RGBW LEDs with integrated driver chip

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia are the amazing addition to the Adafruit NeoPixel family - their new RGBW LEDs with integrated driver chip. That's right RGB and W ... for white. These 5050-format SMD LEDs have an extra white LED - and we have all options in stock.  Furthermore they're available in white enclosures: ... and black [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Diffused 5mm Fast Flashing RGB LED - 10 pack

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia are these neat Diffused 5mm Fast Fade Flashing RGB LEDs in packs of ten: These are very interesting 5mm diffused RGB LEDs - instead of having 4 pins to control 3 LEDs, they have only two leads - power and ground. When powered, the LEDs perform a flashing effect through [...]

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