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Keep your Raspberry Pi cool with our Active Cooling Enclosure with Heatsinks

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Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is this neat cooling enclosure solution for your Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+ computer. The enclosure itself is designed for maximum air flow, along with structural rigidity plus allowances for all the necessary connectors to and from your Pi:

Active Cooling Enclosure and Heatsinks for Raspberry Pi 3 2 B+ from Tronixlabs Australia

The cooling fan shown is included with the enclosure. Furthermore the pack includes three aluminium heatsinks and thermal tape - to ensure passive cooling for the main ICs on the Raspberry Pi board.

This is a great idea for those in warmer climates or who run their Pi at full capacity. To learn more and order, please visit the enclosure product page

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NEW PRODUCT - Raspberry Pi CaseHAT Prototyping Board

Finally - a Raspberry Pi prototyping HAT that fits inside the official Raspberry Pi enclosure! Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the Raspberry Pi CaseHAT Prototyping Board series - neat HATs that are ideal for adding your own circuitry We have two versions available, one that is populated with through-hole pads: ... and another with an area that allows [...]

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Raspberry Pi servo control made easy with the SparkFun Pi Servo HAT

Controlling servos with a Raspberry Pi requries a separate controller in order for accurate control signals - and doing this is easy thanks to the SparkFun Pi Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi from Tronixlabs Australia.  This neat HAT can not only control up to sixteen servos - there is also a serial terminal connection which allows for controlling [...]

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Quickly add buttons to your Raspberry Pi with the Pimoroni Button SHIM

If you want to add five simple buttons to your Raspberry Pi without making up your own pHAT - check out the new Pimoroni Button SHIM from Tronixlabs Australia. Not only does this shim have five buttons, there is also an addressable RGB LED for simple output displays: As you can see the female header is included but [...]

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Now in stock - Adafruit PiUART - USB Console and Power Add-on for Raspberry Pi

Tired of looking for your UART cable to control your Raspberry Pi via serial? Or want an easy way to have a permanent USB to serial on your headless Pi? Then your problem has been solved with the new Adafruit PiUART - USB Console and Power Add-on for Raspberry Pi from Tronixlabs Australia: This tiny little board [...]

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Create magical displays with the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT HD for Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the latest Pimoroni Unicorn HAT HD for your Raspberry Pi 3/2 Model B. This amazing output device has a matrix of 256 tiny RGB LEDs, which work together to create all sorts of colourful and fun displays: The bundled ninja diffuser makes the pixels look extra-shiny by providing some subtle diffusion, blurring the [...]

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Correctly control Pi Power with the Pimoroni OnOff SHIM for Raspberry Pi

Add a tiny yet convenient power switch to your Pi with the Pimoroni OnOff SHIM from Tronixlabs Australia! This is a tiny board that adds a neat power on/off button to your Pi and is  designed to be soldered straight onto the GPIO pins of your Pi, if you wish, so that you can use them [...]

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Build a portable game station with the Adafruit 128x64 OLED Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

Once again Tronixlabs is the first with the latest Adafruit, with the newest addition being the Adafruit 128x64 OLED Bonnet for Raspberry Pi. This is a neat board that sits on your Pi Zero or other board with 40-pin GPIO and offers a compact OLED display along with a five-way joystick and two buttons: Of course you can [...]

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New Product - Zero Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi Zero

Create your own wireless spy camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero and the new Zero Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi Zero - now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia. The ZeroSpy Camera for Raspberry Pi Zero is smaller than a thumbnail with a high enough resolution to see people, or ghosts, or whatever it is you're looking for: It's [...]

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Easily adjust your Pi camera lens with the new Lens Adjustment Tool for Raspberry Pi Camera

And now for something that should have existed for a long time, but has just arrived - is the new Lens Adjustment Tool for Raspberry Pi Camera. Simply place over the lens on your Pi Camera and you can easily adjust in both directions: One small piece of plastic can bring so much wonder - and they're available [...]

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