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Keep your Raspberry Pi cool with our Active Cooling Enclosure with Heatsinks

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Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is this neat cooling enclosure solution for your Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+ computer. The enclosure itself is designed for maximum air flow, along with structural rigidity plus allowances for all the necessary connectors to and from your Pi:

Active Cooling Enclosure and Heatsinks for Raspberry Pi 3 2 B+ from Tronixlabs Australia

The cooling fan shown is included with the enclosure. Furthermore the pack includes three aluminium heatsinks and thermal tape - to ensure passive cooling for the main ICs on the Raspberry Pi board.

This is a great idea for those in warmer climates or who run their Pi at full capacity. To learn more and order, please visit the enclosure product page

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Upload code to AVRs using Raspberry Pi with the SparkFun Pi AVR Programmer HAT

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is this useful Raspberry Pi AVR Programmer HAT from SparkFun. Originally designed by SparkFun for inhouse use, it is perfect for uploading code to AVR boards in bulk or just easily one-off. The HAT works perfectly with AVRdude on the Pi - and contains LED status indicators, a touch pad to start the [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express featuring ATSAMD51

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the incredibly tiny yet powerful Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express development board. Featuring the ultra fast ATSAMD51 Cortex M4 processor running at 120 MHz - this microcontroller board is perfect when you want something very compact, with a ton of horsepower and a bunch of pins. This Itsy is like a bullet [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Addressable RGB LED Shield for WeMos Lolin D1 Mini

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is a fun way to add some lighting effects to your WeMos LoLin D1 Mini - our new Mini RGB LED Shield. This contains seven WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs in a circular pattern:The shield is easy to use, and includes inline header pins which are not soldered to the board. The LEDs [...]

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Professional Arduino projects made easy with the SparkFun RedBoard Edge

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the new SparkFun RedBoard Edge - a neat Arduino-compatible board that is designed for mounting behind the panel of an enclosure. This new board format gives you an accelerated method of mounting your final Arduino-based project inside an enclosure - thanks to all the required contacts being along one edge of [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Multicolour LED Bar Graph Unit

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is this great value LED Bar Graph unit. Unlike others in our range, this one has four different colours of LED inside the housing - blue, green, yellow and red in the following formation:This is a neat way to indicate the status of various data, levels, or whatever else your imagination [...]

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Save your sanity with the JST PH 2-Pin Cable – Male Header 200mm

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is this useful 200mmJST PH 2-Pin Cable with male header:Now you can easily have the opposite connector to our LiPo batteries on the end of a lead, for example:(Battery not included!) We know some of you have tried making your own with some success, however now all the work is done and [...]

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Test power supply circuits with the SparkFun Variable Load Kit

If you've built a power supply and want to see if it can deliver as promised, or need to simulate a load on an amplifier or other output - then build a SparkFun Variable Load Kit from Tronixlab Australia.Once assembled, the kit allows users to draw a specific amount of current from a voltage input. This kit [...]

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Turn a micro:bit into a weather station with the SparkFun weather:bit

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the useful SparkFun weather:bit for the BBC micro:bit. This neat board adds sensors for barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature readings to your micro:bit. There are also connections on this carrier board to optional sensors such as wind speed, direction, rain gauge and soil readings. The micro:bit has a lot of features [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Alligator to Pin Jumper Leads

Now available from Tronixlabs Australia are these unassuming yet very useful Alligator Clip to Pin Jumper Leads. Each lead is 210mm in length, and has an alligator clip (or should it be crocodile?) on one end and a jumper pin on the other.These cables let you connect almost anything to a solderless breadboard thanks to the [...]

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