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Way more power in tiny spaces with the new Adafruit Trinket M0 for Arduino and CircuitPython

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For some time the world of microcontrollers has produced some amazingly powerful and tiny units, however they generally haven't found their way to the hobbyist or beginners' market - until now. Thanks to Adafruit we have their new Trinket M0 board - powered by Atmel's ATSAMD21E18 32-bit Cortex M0+:

Adafruit Trinket M0 - for use with CircuitPython & Arduino IDE from Tronixlabs Australia

Compared to the previous 8-bit Trinket boards - you have 8 times the flash memory, 64 times more RAM and a clock speed of 48 MHz! Furthermore there's an onboard Dotstar addressable RGB LED and all the I/O pins can be accessed without interrupting the USB interface

There's enough processing power on this tiny board to control up to 8000 NeoPixel/Dotstar addressable RGB LEDs - that's awesome, and ideal for all those blinky wearable projects. 

Plus there is so much more - we cannot believe how powerful this little board is and quite frankly you should get one or more - the Trinket M0 can be used in the Arduino IDE and CircuitPython as well. To learn more and order your own Adafruit Trinket M0, please visit the product page.

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All in one Arduino and Bluetooth LE with the new Adafruit FEATHER nRF52 Bluefruit LE - nRF52832

Once more Tronixlabs Australia is first with the latest adafruit - first as in we have the latest stock in Australia. And with this goal in mind we have the  latest addition to the FEATHER range of miniature and powerful Arduino-compatible boards - the Adafruit FEATHER nRF52 Bluefruit LE - nRF52832: This board is Adafruit's latest take on an [...]

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Compact and colourful displays made possible with the new Adafruit DotStar High Density 8x8 Grid - 64 RGB LED Pixel Matrix

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia  is the latest blinky creation from Adafruit - their new DotStar High Density 8x8 Grid - 64 RGB LED Pixel Matrix. This tiny board contains 64 addressable RGB LEDs - giving you the opportunity to create all sorts of tiny displays easily with your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other controller that [...]

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Expand your FEATHER even more with the new Adafruit FeatherWing Tripler Mini Kit - Prototyping Add-on For Feathers

"Once... twice... three times a FEATHER" would be the song in your head if you had one of the new Adafruit FeatherWing Tripler Mini Kits from Tronixlabs Australia - the easy way to lay out your Adafruit FEATHER board and two other FeatherWing accessory boards: Once assembled you will have an idea platform for the variety of projects that [...]

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Easily control four DC motors with your Arduino using the new DFrobot Quad DC Motor Driver Shield

Want to make your own Arduino-powered 4WD, control four fans at once - or anything connected to up to four DC motors? Well now you can do this with ease using the new DFrobot Quad DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino, now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia: Based around two popular TB6612FNG motor driver chips, this shield is [...]

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New Product - ADS1115 16-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier Breakout Board

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is our new value ADS1115 16-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier Breakout Board. Ideal for adding a high-resolution analogue-to-digital converter to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or other platform that has the I2C bus: The board is tiny, and has all pins labelled on the bottom. Inline header [...]

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The first-ever Tronixlabs Super Special Sale is on!

For the first time in over two years we're having a Super Special Sale. Over one hundred items have been marked down with discounts varying from ten to sixty percent! Everything is brand new, with full warranty - so visit our Super Specials category to find some real savings. Prices will remain until stock is sold out.Price protection [...]

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Create colourful messages and displays with our 16x32 RGB LED Display Panel and shield for Arduino

We're always looking for easier ways of doing fun and interesting things, and our latest find is this new Create colourful messages and displays with our new 16x32 RGB LED Display Panel and shield for Arduino bundle. This offers a plug-and-play solution for using a 16x32 RGB LED display with your Arduino: Instead of fiddling with all sorts of [...]

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Now in stock - Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the latest update to the Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino. This is the ideal shied for writing any data generated by your Arduino or compatible board to an SD card - and also includes a real-time clock for timing and logging time/date as well: The shield itself is assembled, however [...]

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Always have the correct time with an ESP8266-based Network Time Clock

The change to Daylight Savings Time here in Victoria has given cause to examine some interesting time-based projects - such as the following Network Time Clock by Instructables member Swiss_IoT_DIY. Their project is not only easy to follow - but offers a good framework for building our own connected clocks. By using an Adafruit FEATHER ESP8266 development board, [...]

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