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Now in stock - Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-On with Cable

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Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-On with Cable. This small board is a neat controller for any character LCD display up to 20x4 characters in size - and allows for easy control via serial lines or USB:

Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-On with Cable from Tronixlabs Australia

Not only can you send text to display, you can also adjust backlight brightness, colours if using an RGB character display, and also create customised characters.

And thanks to the onboard USB interface, you can easily control it from your computer using terminal software or your own creations. The board is pre-assembled and just requires soldering to an LCD of your choice. 

Getting started is easy thanks to the excellent tutorial, and lots of fun can be had. We have these Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-Ons with Cable in stock now for $21.95 including GST - and as always, we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5.

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