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New Kit - AC/DC Clamp Meter Adaptor

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We love electronic kits, and our new AC/DC Clamp Meter Adaptor Kit is not only fun and easy to construct - it remains a useful piece of test equipment for now and into the future. The adaptor works with a multimeter with a millivolts range, and offers a simple way to measure AC or DC current without making electrical contact with the wire under test:

AC/DC Clamp Meter Adaptor Kit from Tronixlabs Australia

The required clamp is also included:

AC/DC Clamp Meter Adaptor Kit from Tronixlabs Australia

The kit can be assembled in less than an hour, and you're not sure - I have built this myself, check out the review. Once assembled, you can measure up to 150A DC or 630A AC. The kit is used by connecting to the multimeter and setting this to the mV range. Each amp of current is represented by 1 mV on the meter. Easy!

To get started, order your own AC/DC Clamp Meter kit for $29.95 including GST - and as always - we'll ship your entire order anywhere in Australia for $5.

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