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Get your BBC micro:bit moving with the new :MOVE mini buggy kit

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Now in stock is the new fun (and educational) :MOVE mini buggy kit for the BBC micro:bit.  This is the perfect solution for building your own controllable robot base or racing buggy withe the micro:bit as the heart:

:MOVE mini buggy kit for BBC micro:bit from Tronixlabs Australia

The :MOVE mini is a 2 wheeled robot that is suitable for autonomous operation, remote control projects via a Bluetooth application or being controlled using a second BBC micro:bit as a controller via the micro:bits radio functionality:

Everything is included (even the batteries!) -  just add your micro:bit and you're away. We know you will enjoy this, and it also makes an ideal gift for the micro:bit user. We have the :MOVE robots in stock now for only $49.95 including GST - along with Australia's widest range of BBC micro:bit accessories.

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New Kit - Velleman Miniature LED Traffic Lights

Looking for a kit to introduce someone into the world of electronics? Then check out our new Velleman Miniature LED Traffic Lights kit. This is a neat through-hole soldering kit, that once completed, gives a realistic automated display of a four-way traffic light head that is fun and will mesmerise: The timing between traffic changes is adjustable and [...]

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Combat mosquito-borne viruses with the Silicon Chip Mosquito Lure Kit

Designed by Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine, this kit once assembled will help combat zika and other mosquito borne viruses. It lures male mosquitoes into a trap by producing an inaudible tone which attracts them. The female mosquito is the culprit for the painful bites which are not only uncomfortable, but spread some very nasty viruses.  By luring [...]

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New Kit - Beginner's Stereo Audio Amplifier

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is this new soldering kit designed for the absolute beginner - that also results with a useful product once completed - a stereo audio amplifier with speakers: Once completed the user has a neat stereo amplifier with speakers that can be mounted inside their own enclosure, and used with any device [...]

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New Kit - Silicon Chip eFuse Resettable 12V Circuit Breaker

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the latest kit from Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine - their new eFuse Resettable 12V Circuit Breaker Kit. Once assembled, you have an adjustable circuit breaker that can be set for any current between 315mA and 10A: The eFuse acts like a circuit breaker, automatically disconnecting power a short time [...]

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New Beginner's Kit - Velleman Shaking LED Dice

The more people learn to solder, the better. And a great start is with a simple kit such as our new Velleman Shaking LED Dice - it's easy to assemble, with clear part spacing - and once completed, can be useful for all sorts of fun and games: The dice is activated by motion - and then uses [...]

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Easily control night lights with the new Velleman Light Sensitive Switch Kit

If you need a quick and inexpensive method to turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn, consider building one of our new Velleman Light Sensitive Switch Kits. All the design work is done and after a quick assembly job you have a neat light-controlled relay solution that can switch DC or AC power: You can adjust [...]

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Have fun with the new Velleman Crawling Microbug Kit

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is a neat robot kit you can assemble quickly and enjoy for hours - the Velleman Crawling Microbug Kit. Not only is the end result fun, it also offers an opportunity for practising your soldering: Once assembled, the bug will move towards a source of light, so it can follow a torch or [...]

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New Kit - Compact 8-digit Frequency Meter Kit

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is a new piece of test equipment kit  by the team at Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine - their Compact 8-digit Frequency Meter Kit: Once assembled, you will have a compact useful piece of test equipment that's ideal for measuring various frequencies you may come across, and also covers the six metre [...]

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Prevent motor burnout with the new Silicon Chip Mains Brownout Protector Kit

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new Mains Brownout Protector Kit designed by Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine: Once assembled, this kit can protect single-phase 230V induction motors in fridges, freezers, pumps and so on from burnout if they attempt to start during a brownout.  It will switch off the power if the voltage falls below a [...]

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