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NEW PRODUCT - Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

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Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo Bonnet for Raspberry Pi - a nifty board for your Raspberry Pi (any type with a 40-way GPIO) that's ideal for controlling many servos, LEDs or anything else that can be driven by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo Bonnet for Raspberry Pi from Tronixlabs Australia

Once assembled, getting started is very easy thanks to the excellent documentation. Futhermore you can use this with any board or microcontroller with an I2C bus - so it's not just for a Raspberry Pi. 

To learn more and order, please visit the bonnet product page. And to keep up with news, specials and more from Tronixlabs, please follow us on facebook or twitter.

Raspberry Pi servo control made easy with the SparkFun Pi Servo HAT

Controlling servos with a Raspberry Pi requries a separate controller in order for accurate control signals - and doing this is easy thanks to the SparkFun Pi Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi from Tronixlabs Australia.  This neat HAT can not only control up to sixteen servos - there is also a serial terminal connection which allows for controlling [...]

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Accurate servo positioning with the new Feedback 360 Degree - High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo

Are you planning on using a continuous-rotation servo, but need more accuracy? That is - does your project need to know the position of the servo across the full 360 degrees of rotation? If so - then our new Feedback 360 Degree - High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo is for you: This servo is controlled just like [...]

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Easily power and control eight servos with the new Cytron Servo Shield 5A for Arduino

You can create all sorts of animated fun with an Arduino and a few servos, from a dashboard through to an eight-legged robotic creature and more. However controlling those servos can be a little tricky... including wiring them back to he host board. And if you have servo-jitter - your power supply isn't up to [...]

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Easily control servos with the new SparkFun Servo Trigger

Have you ever needed simple and repeatable control of a servo, and not wanted to delve into the expense and time involved of setting up your own microcontroller? Or you just need a dead-simple way to make a servo move from A to B and back again at the press of the button? Well  now you [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - DC Motor in Micro Servo Body

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new DC motor in a micro servo body from adafruit. This offers just that - there's a small geared DC motor house  inside the same type of enclosure that's normally used by a micro servo: This gives you a very easy way to mount a small DC motor to your [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Adafruit 8-Channel PWM or Servo FeatherWing Add-on For All Feather Boards

Once more Tronixlabs Australia is first with the latest adafruit, and with this goal in mind we have their latest Adafruit 8-Channel PWM or Servo FeatherWing Add-on For All Feather Boards. This neat little board gives your Adafruit Feather Arduino-compatible an easy way to add eight PWM channels to your board - or to any other system [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Wheel for Micro Continuous Rotation FS90R Servo

Continuous-rotation  servos are great for driving small robots, NodeBots or making all sorts of robotic and rotating devices - and to make things even simpler, Tronixlabs Australia now has local stock of a neat 60mm wheel for our small continuous rotation servos: Designed to plug-and-play with our FS90R continuous-rotation servo, the wheel perfectly mates with the servo spline. [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Continuous 360 Degree Rotation Servo

Continuous rotation servos are an interesting way to rotate a device or even power a small robot, car or NodeBot thanks to their ease of use with microcontrollers and platforms such as the Arduino. With this in mind Tronixlabs Australia now has a new value continuous rotation 360 servo in stock: This servo has the standard [...]

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NEW PRODUCT - Continuous Rotation Micro Servo

The latest addition to our range of servos and robotics is this neat little continuous rotation servo from adafruit: Ideal for making smaller robots, a NodeBot or any application that requires a more precise rotating ability than a DC motor. As shown above a wide range of horns are included so you can get started immediately.  We have these neat Continuous [...]

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