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Combat mosquito-borne viruses with the Silicon Chip Mosquito Lure Kit

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Designed by Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine, this kit once assembled will help combat zika and other mosquito borne viruses. It lures male mosquitoes into a trap by producing an inaudible tone which attracts them. The female mosquito is the culprit for the painful bites which are not only uncomfortable, but spread some very nasty viruses. 

Silicon Chip Mosquito Lure Kit from Tronixlabs Australia

By luring and trapping the males, this prevents fertilisation and since pregnant females are the prime culprit for biting, this in turn reduces the incidence of mosquitoes in the nearby area. 

An interesting device and once assembled in the included enclosure will be a sturdy and useful device for those dealing with flying bloodsuckers. To learn more and order, click here to visit the product page

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New Kit - Silicon Chip eFuse Resettable 12V Circuit Breaker

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the latest kit from Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine - their new eFuse Resettable 12V Circuit Breaker Kit. Once assembled, you have an adjustable circuit breaker that can be set for any current between 315mA and 10A: The eFuse acts like a circuit breaker, automatically disconnecting power a short time [...]

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New Kit - Compact 8-digit Frequency Meter Kit

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is a new piece of test equipment kit  by the team at Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine - their Compact 8-digit Frequency Meter Kit: Once assembled, you will have a compact useful piece of test equipment that's ideal for measuring various frequencies you may come across, and also covers the six metre [...]

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Prevent motor burnout with the new Silicon Chip Mains Brownout Protector Kit

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the new Mains Brownout Protector Kit designed by Australia's own Silicon Chip magazine: Once assembled, this kit can protect single-phase 230V induction motors in fridges, freezers, pumps and so on from burnout if they attempt to start during a brownout.  It will switch off the power if the voltage falls below a [...]

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New Kit - Silicon Chip Remote Control Digital Timer

Need to switch low voltage devices on or off after certain periods of time? You can now do this with ease using the Silicon Chip Remote Control Digital Timer kit from Tronixlabs Australia. Once assembled, you have a timer with a large numerical display that's controlled via an included infra-red remote control: Once assembled you can quickly set [...]

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New Kit - Silicon Chip Intelligent Fan Speed Controller

Summer is approaching faster than you think, and if you're running your desktop PC at higher temperatures then maintaining cooling is crucial for system survival. One way to do this is with a lot of fans and our new Intelligent Fan Speed Controller kit: This compact module will regulate the speed of up to eight 12V fans. [...]

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New Kit - Ultra-Low Milliohm DMM Adaptor

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is another excellent test equipment kit - the Ultra-Low Milliohm DMM Adaptor. Once constructed, you can measure resistance between 0Ω and 10Ω in two ranges... which is far below most ‘off-the-shelf’ digital multimeters.  It is ideal for matching resistors used in amplifier output stages to ensure equal current sharing. Also used for measuring [...]

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New Kit - USB Sensing Mains Power Switch Kit

The latest addition to our stock of electronics kits  has just arrived - the Silicon Chip USB Sensing Mains Power Switch Kit. This is a neat device that once assembled can turn a mains power outlet on and off in conjunction with a host PC, by monitoring the keyboard or mouse socket: By connecting all your peripherals and [...]

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Improve portable audio listening quality with the Silicon Chip Headphone Amplifier Kit

You can spend a lot of money on portable audio players, or the ubiquitous smartphone which doubles as almost everything. And for the money spent, you would expect the sound output to be excellent - however this is not always the case.  The team at Silicon Chip have researched this, and determined that the audio quality [...]

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Safely control mains-powered devices with the new Programmable Remote Control Mains Switch Kit

Now in stock at Tronixlabs Australia is the Silicon Chip Programmable Remote Control Mains Switch Kit - the safe and useful way to exert timed-control over any device that's powered from a normal mains outlet/power point: Once assembled, you can create automated power on/off control cycles - real-time switching and more. The best part is that no mains-rated [...]

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