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Together at last - Arduino and nRF24L01+ with the nRFDuino

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Now available from Tronixlabs Australia is the nRFDuino - a compact Arduino-compatible board that contains the popular nRF24L01+ wireless data transceiver. A great solution for reducing the size of your nRF projects that also has an 8 MBit flash memory IC for data storage via the SPI bus:

nRFDuino - ATmega328P and nRF24L01+ from Tronixlabs Australia

You can expect a an outdoor radio range of up to 500 metres, but only around 10 to 50 metres indoors. The PCB measures only 23 x 37mm - tiny! 

It is programmed in the same fashion an an Arduino Pro Mini - so you will need an FTDI board to upload sketches for Arduino users. For complete details and to order, please visit the nRFDuino product page

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