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The fastest way to find the value you need is to enter the value into the search box at the top-right of our store. For example, search for 330R for 330 Ohms, 4.7K for 4.7k ohms, and so on. All matching values will be listed in the results. We also have packs of assorted resistors - click on "Kits" below. 

Our resistor range includes:

Through Hole

We have through-hole resistors available in 0.25W metal film 1%, 0.6W metal film 1%, 0.25W carbon film 5% and also wire-wound in 5W and 10W.

Surface Mount (SMD)

Our range of SMD resistors cover the following three sizes:

Potentiometers (variable resistors)

Our range of potentiometers include linear and log values in singles, doubles, motorised and much more.


We have a wide range of horizontal and vertical trimpots in both single- and multi-turn varieties. 

If you cannot find what you need - contact us

We can also source almost any resistor type not listed, just ask! 


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