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Product Support

Support is available for all products you have purchased from Tronixlabs. However you may have some questions, not be too sure about something, or your product is playing up or just doesn't work. That's OK - it happens to all of us at one time or another, and we're here to help. 

How we can help you?

First - please look at the product page for the item you are using. If there are any instructions, manuals, drivers etc. - they are linked from the product page. 

Or, you can email us via support@tronixlabs.com. Please use the email address or name as used in your order, and include your order number if you have one. This makes it easier for us to determine what parts you have and so on. 

Please remember that detail is key - if something isn't working, please don't email "... I plugged it in, and it doesn't work". Instead, tell us about what you have, what you're doing with it, how it's connected, attach some clear photos if they will help describe the situation. 

Can you debug my code/sketch?

We can direct you to references for coding - however due to the time involved we cannot debug code for you. 

Can you design my project?

It is outside of our scope to completely specify and design products from your ideas, or debug your code. We can of course help you find the right parts based on your specifications and needs. 

As an online retailer we do not offer in-person support at our premises. Please do not arrive asking for project help, as refusal may offend. 


Some products will require soldering as part of the assembly process. Soldering is easy - with the right tools and a little practice. Check out this great instruction guide.

If you are unsure about assembly requirements, please ask us before ordering. If you have bought an electronics kit that required soldering, but you feel it's outside of your expertise - contact us to discuss return or assembly options. 

Kit Support

For electronic kits purchased from Tronixlabs - we offer a service which helps you resuscitate kits from the dead. If you build a kit and to the best of your efforts you can't get it to work, you can post it to us and we'll do our best to fix it for you. The cost to you is postage in both directions and the cost for any parts required for the repair. This may involve a turn-around time of seven to ten working days. If we feel that the kit is beyond repair we will post it back to you at no charge. To enquire about this service please email support@tronixlabs.com. 

How you can help yourself 

A growing number of products will have links to tutorials or more information such as specifications, manuals, and relevant usage information on their product page. If you can't find what you're looking for, email us.